The Sports Science Physiotherapy Centre is situated in the Sport Science Institute of South Africa.

Since the inception of the centre in 2002, many changes have brought about the centre as it is today.

Why not consult with one of our qualified physiotherapists at our SSPC PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINICS, SSISA Building Boundary Road, Newlands.

Our CLINICS are held every Wednesday from 4 – 5pm @ SSPC.

Duration per session will be limited to 15 min. slots. The cost is R50-00 ( You can claim back from your medical aid scheme if you are covered for physiotherapy).

The CLINIC session will only include a counselling session in order to advise you the best way possible.

No treatment will be administered during the clinic session!

Please contact us for an appointment.


Tel: 021 659 5684

Further Facilities Include

There are private consultation rooms where specific individual treatments are carried out profesionally.

The Grucox Eccentric Rehabilitation devices are located in the Institute, which is used both for rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise. The Grucox Continuous Passive Motion Cycle is also available at the Institute, which is specifically designed and utilized to enhance the outcome of patients after hip,knee and ankle surgery.

State of the art, fully equipped gym and exercise rehabilitation facility with a indoor pool facility and indoor running track.

We also provide Shockwave therapy and LIPUS therapy which are some of the latest technological advancements in healing soft tissue and bony injurires.

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